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Balcony design: Closing a part with windows or closing it off entirely

Adam Herman
2 months ago

Greetings everyone,

I find myself at a crossroads with a home improvement decision and would appreciate your insights.

I have a spacious 55-square-meter balcony in my private residence, situated in a tall building with a captivating front view of nature.

However, on the left side, approximately 500 meters away, lies my neighbor's property.

The dilemma lies in a specific section of the balcony, spanning 3-4 meters.

I'm torn between closing it off entirely, perhaps with solid aluminum panels, or opting for windows. Considering the proximity to my neighbor.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you recommend enclosing it with windows, allowing for a more open feel, or going for a more solid closure with aluminum panels? I value your opinions and would love to hear your suggestions. :)

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