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Bryant furnace questions: need new motor & preventative maintenance?

2 months ago

Hello all,

After my A/C debacle (multiple compressor failures over 10 years, last being in August), I decided to go with a new company for annual maintenance. Wouldn't you know it that the day after I signed the contract, we went to turn the heat on and the furnace wasn't working. Thermostat said it was on but there was no heat. We haven't had any heat issues in the 10 years since installation. So, we booked a service appt but before that happened, my sister went on Youtube and looked up our furnace, turned it on and off and voila, it was working. Problem is it is making a high pitched sound, luckily only heard in the basement where the unit is located.

The new HVAC company came today to do the annual maintenance and troubleshoot the noise. He said that we need a new inducer motor. In addition, he asked if we had replaced the flame sensor or igniter at all over the years - that they should be replaced as a matter of course every 5 years or so. We have not done so as it has never been mentioned as something one would do preventatively.

He also said that the copper line going from the furnace to the condensate pump should be replaced with clear tubing, as the copper pipe is corroding from the chemical used in the furnace. In addition, we should replace the pump with a neutralizing pump, so as not to corrode our pipes. Our previous HVAC company was the installing company 10 years ago. He said they should not have used copper piping into the condensate pump.

So, here are my questions:

1. Should the inducer motor be replaced right away? The noise doesn't bother us since we can't hear it in the living areas of the house. I know we don't know when it will conk out and I know we should replace it sooner than later but just wondering how soon.

2. Are flame sensors and/or igniters usually replaced preventatively?

3. Should we replace the copper tubing from the furnace to the condensate pump?

4. Should we replace the current condensate pump with a neutralizing pump?

This is the info from the invoice/estimate that they sent (not including the condensate pump since that is not pressing):

Replace inducer motor, flame sensor and igniter.

Furnace info:

Bryant 986 TA 48080 V17 Furnace

Installed September, 2013

Thank you in advance!

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