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Kitchen Appliance Help

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hi! We just bought this house, and the layout of the kitchen appliances is just awful. It is right in front of a window, and a very small space. The location of the fridge also doesn’t allow me to open the butlers door all the way. Does anyone have any advice to how I could make this look better? We thought about knocking down walls and closing up windows, but it will be a rental eventually so we didnt want to put that much money into this space and we like the light from the window. *We are purchasing new appliances, this is just what is there now. So if there are any purchasing ideas for the new appliances, that is also helpful.*

Flooring and painting will be coming soon after I figure out this dilemma.

The rest of the kitchen is directly across from that space and looks like this.

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