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Microwave Shelf vs. Appliance Garage

3 months ago

Hi. I'm redoing my kitchen, which is fairly small. I currently have a compact microwave about 19 in W x 13 D. I'm considering putting it on a shelf with the upper cabinets (12 inchess deep) to maximize counter space vs. storing it in an appliance garage (24 inches W) in a cabinet that runs down to the counter. I don't want to do a built-in microwave, which takes up too much space, and I don't want anything under the counter. I personally like the streamlined look of having it stored in an appliance garage and think I would still have enough counter space. One concern I have with the shelf is that I would have to find another compact microwave to fit the space if the one I have breaks. What are your thoughts on the microwave shelf vs. appliance garage? Thanks!

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