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I tried a slightly new way to root cuttings inside of zip lock bags.

2 months ago

I am not good at rooting cuttings. I was using the "put the cuttings in damp soil inside of an inflated one gallon zip lock bag until you see lots of roots" system". I only got about 1 out of 5 which did not die either before making any roots, or right after I moved it to a pot after it had enough roots.

So, I grabbed 2 small clay pots (they are about 6 inches across at the top, 6 inches high, and the kind which get narrower towards the bottom). I put them into two 2 gallon zip lock bags (after filling them with potting soil, watering them and letting them drain). Then I dipped the bottom of two cuttings into rooting powder, and planted them in the pots, sprayed them with water with a bit of baking soda. Then I inflated the bags, and put my small cheap fish tank over them - two of these pots in their inflated 2 gallon zip lock bags fit under it fine, and there is plenty of room for the cuttings to grow up to 8 inches tall.

My fish tank is 20 inches wide, 10 inches deep, and about 14 inches high. This sits right up to a bright window in my back porch on a long table I have there. I only use the fish tank because our back porch is our cats' "territory" (they have a climbing cat tree thingy out there, and their litter boxes under the table, and cat beds which are heated in the winter also on top of the table next to the fish tank with the roses. When I started out, and was using just inflated one gallon zip lock bags, they threw them on the floor several times. Thus the fish tank, which they love, and they sit up there in the summers and take naps or get a better view of the birds out the large window. The pic below was taken without the 2 gallon zip lock bags, and the system works much better after I added them (no idea why - more insulation, possibly?).

Anyway - thought I would pass this on - so far I have a 100% success rate (with Pax, and with Le Vesuve) - 2 of each, so two times total.


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