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Cabinet Price Match Dilemma...Advice Needed

3 months ago

I am planning on ordering Kraftmaid Vantge cabinets in the near future. I have received a quote from two different Vantage dealers. The first dealer gave us a quote for just cabinets, which at the time was 20% off. He was very nice, but we didn't have a contractor.

The second dealer gave us the name of a contractor who we really liked. That contactor obviously prefers to use that dealer, but they don't run a lot of promos. The dealer stated they only run Kraftmaid company promos, but I have yet to find an actual Kraftmaid promo? She said it is currently 10% off until mid January.

My question is it wrong to ask the second dealer to match the first dealers promotion? I know come January the Kraftmaid Vantage (and their other brands) go 20% off at the first dealer. The cabinets are around 21k, so the 10% would be a 2k difference between the two. I also really like the contractor and I'm not sure if i feel comfortable asking him if we can go with the cheaper dealer.

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