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Entryway Built-in with Floor Border

3 months ago

We are renovating our Victorian era home and adding an entryway drop zone / bench. Our front entry vestibule area has original hardwood floors, with a rectangle border pattern. The issue is that the depth of the bench will interfere with the border, which is only 12" off the walls. How would you recommend we design the area below the bench. Should it be closed off at the base so that the border effectively dies into the built-in (cutting off the square border), or should we leave the area below the bench open, so that you can still see the border? I have not seen examples of either. I've attached our floorplan (the bottom right is our front door entry and the red box is where the entryway dropzone / bench will be installed). Also attaching examples of what I mean by "closed off" versus "open" below the bench area

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