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Warped Boxi by Semihandmade Cabinets

2 months ago

Has anyone purchased cabinets from Boxi by Semihandmade and installed them only to discover that they will warp if splashed with water? We were fairly disappointed with the quality of the cabinets arrived but there was nothing to be done so we went ahead and used them. Then, our contractor installed them and had significant difficulty with misaligned shelves and drawers so the finished look is uneven and cheap. The cherry on top was when my son washed his hands and left a puddle of water on the quartz countertop overhang. Some of that water dripped down and onto one side of the cabinet door edges and swelled the cabinet so badly that it permanently warped and mottled the appearance and caused the hinge hardware to become destabilized and hang incorrectly. To be clear, this was not the bottom of the cabinet sitting in water but the top front of the cabinet near the sink, where one would expect water might splash on a regular basis. The water simply dripped over the surface onto the stone floor.

Boxi's customer service told us that this didn't qualify as a problem with the manufacturing of the product so the best they could do was give us $10 off the purchase of a new cabinet (not to mention shipping or the cost of having the damaged cabinet removed and the replacement installed). We spent more than $10,000 on these cabinets - they are not a cheap alternative to custom, they are just expensive particle board.

I'm curious if anyone has encountered this, whether or not they had more success in getting Boxi to provide a replacement?

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