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Ceasarstone Countertop help SOS

Jane Lauren
3 months ago

Good evening all,

I need some serious insight on a current fiasco I am dealing with for Ceasarstone countertops. I contracted with a company to create the template for my countertops after being quoted approx 11,400 based off my cabinetry drawings that I had sent over. I understand that this quote is subject to change upon proper measurements, however I was just told I have a change order of approximately an additional $6,000. After I nearly collapsed at this figure, I called the company to see why the variation in pricing was HALF more of the original quote and they said my island measured an approximate 6 inches more than the original drawings I sent, among other things they claim were unexpected. But I digress, the measurements are a 96 inch island with waterfall edges and a 3 inch mustered edge. An integrated sink measuring 28x16x 10. The other countertop is 82 inches with 2 1/4 mitered edge, ONE leg waterfall and a cooktop cutout. This is their concrete look quartz. $17,000 for countertops for such a small kitchen seems wildly excessive and especially a quote that varies so much from the initial quote. I want to run in the opposite direction but this company already has about 12k of my money. Please no recs on getting rid of the waterfall and sink—this is a non negotiable for us. Thank you.

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