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very echoey box of a dining room

Erica J
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

We recently bought a house and moved in. We did some minor updates beforehand but didn’t have time for everything. Current project is the dining room. The problem is it’s all hard surfaces. Wood (parquet) floor, we took the 80’s window treatments down, and our chairs are wood too. I don’t want to put up any curtains because already it’s way too dim in there due to a large tree outside the window. It’s a cave in summer and I am not willing to sacrifice even a couple inches of window if I hang curtains. Privacy isn’t an issue.
So I thought I would get a rug, but in order to have it the correct size for the table it would also run under my buffet which I understand is a decor faux pas.

So my question is, how can we control the noise in there? Our table can seat 10-12 and when the room is that full it’s pretty much a cacophony. When not extended the table is about 48x80. The whole room is 8 by 11’ 8” and has two doorways (to kitchen and living room). Anyone have any noise reducing ideas for me?

edit: the room dimensions are 14’ by 11’ 8”

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