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How much smaller can a sink be than its cabinet?

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

People on here are usually asking about how large a sink they can cram into a particular sized cabinet. Instead, I would like to know how much smaller a sink can be relative to its cabinet. I have a 39" cabinet, and it is my understanding that a 36" sink would be the appropriate sink size for that cabinet.

Can I install a 33" sink in my 39" cabinet instead or are there support issues involved? I have heard one of our respected experts here mention strapping a sink underneath a cabinet, and I have heard about using clips to attach a sink to a cabinet. I also read something on here a while back about purchasing a particular type of mount from some company (perhaps it was for farmhouse sinks). But I don't really understand the mechanics on how a sink is mounted.

Anyway, does a sink need to be roughly proportional to its cabinet or could you, for example, put a 24" sink in a 39" cabinet (not that I intend to, I am just trying to understand).

Thank you!

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