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speaking of FBM annoyances

2 months ago

I don't really use FB but I have a faux account for some groups. And since Craigslist is pretty much kaput I have looked at FBM - more so now that I'm going to need a few things for my new place. I really miss good old CL. You could quickly and easily scan through furniture photos and I bought some great stuff there. Now I'm bothered by commercial furniture advertised for sale, things that aren't local even though I thought I picked local, main photo so bad I can't even tell what it is, etc. Lately I see a recently sold section with some nice things - stuff I never saw for sale.

So experienced FBM folks - what is the most efficient way to use FBM as a buyer? I did sell some things for DH when he moved his company and it was great as a seller but so far I find it to be a huge nuisance as a buyer. Maybe I just don't know how to use it.

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