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Help! Gutter hangers installed over shingles on a new roof

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I hired a general contractor to do a whole house renovation on a 1910 wood farmhouse, including a new roof using CertainTeed architectural asphalt shingles. They called after they had removed most of the roof and said the crown was rotted through and needed to be replaced. They said they needed to finish the roof that day because of heavy rain in the forecast. Because the crown would have to be fabricated and installed, they said they would need to install the gutter hangers over the shingles, instead of under them. At first I agreed, but then I read online that this is a major defect and will cause leaks. I pushed back and they said no problem, after the crown is installed, we can lift the shingles and install the gutter with the hangers underneath the shingles, as you're supposed to do. Fabricating and installing the crown took a couple of months. When they finally were ready to install the gutters, they put the hangers on top of the shingles, nailing or screwing through the asphalt, ice and water shield, and plywood. They didn't use any sealant or silicone on the nails. It looks terrible. They claimed that the shingles were melted to the roof from the heat and couldn't be lifted without tearing. They want to install a layer of shingle over the hangers using some kind of sealant. This might look marginally better but wouldn't this cause ice dams and more likely result in leaks? I think this is clearly a defect that needs to be addressed, but I don't know the best way to repair the problem. I like the contractor a lot and most of their work has been very good. They are highly respected in the area and also very expensive. There's more work to be done on the project and I need to maintain the relationship. But I'm worried they have created a major problem that I would like them to fix. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!