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Living Room Layout - Adding a Built-In

3 months ago

Hi all! Since I got such great advice on the exterior of my house (which is moving along nicely! We’ve had some weather holdups), I thought I’d post this here and see if I could get some opinions on the interior! We’ve been playing around with this idea for a while but can’t quite figure it out.

We have a decent sized family room that is open to the dining room and to the entry hallway. There is a large stretch of open wall (about 15ft) that my husband thinks is dying for a built in. It would be very different from what we have now - and I’m struggling with deciding if it could work! I’ve attached an approximate idea of our usual layout, a built in that my husband likes, and pictures of us attempting to move the furniture around.

Does anyone have any ideas? Is there an optimal way to arrange this room? Thank you all for any input!

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