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Bitones and Bicolors of 2023

3 months ago

Show us your bitone and bicolor daylilies here. Bitones have sepals that are a lighter tint than the petal color. Bicolors are daylilies with totally different colors of petals and sepals. Our next catagory wlll be Patterned Daylilies on Wednesday.

Betwixt and Between is registered as a bicolor, but the the sepals are actually a very light pink that is almost white.

Clown Parade is also registered as a bicolor, but shows as a bitone here.

Deeds Not Words is a red and cream bicolor.

Fuchsia Sunrise is a fuchsia and pink bicolor.

Wild Red Heart is a rose pink bitone.

Wizard's Wish is an orchid purple and lilac cream bitone.

Integrated Logistics X Sugar Magnolia is a bitone.

Integrate Logistics X Olly Olly Oxen Free is a bitone.

Biltmore Style X Cool Hand Luke - Some years this looks more like a bitone and other years more of a bicolor.

Pink Aloha X Old Time Italian is a bitone.


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