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Casement Windows, 50/50 split only or is 60/40 okay?

Russell Jay
3 months ago

I'd like to replace the two bedroom windows that face the front of the house. Currently they are slider/gliders and I'd like to do casement windows instead. One has a five foot wide opening and the other a four foot wide opening. I was thinking of mulling a fixed sash and an operable sash for each opening. The narrower of the two would not allow for proper egress at less than 24 inches, after taking the frame into account for the operable window. This is the 50/50 split, 24 inches for each sash. I was thinking of making the operable sash 28 inches wide and the fixed sash at 20 inches. That's a 60/40 split. I can do the same with the larger window, 36 inches and 24 inches.

Would that be an odd look? Or, since both windows are the same percentages, could I get away with it? Or do I not worry about the egress issue since that room is currently setup as an office?

True French casements allow for the center divider to be moved with one of the sashes so that would be an option but I don't like the operation of the screen on that window. Suggestions?

Thank you.

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