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Empathy by Burlington Roses

3 months ago

Burling Leong has created a rather lovely, vigorous and remarkably healthy floribunda. I'd asked her for Strawberry Ice as I wanted it for breeding. She responded that Strawberry Ice required budding as it is hesitant to root, while its offspring, Empathy, roots easily and grows well own root. She created Empathy from Strawberry Ice X Vi's Violet (1-72-1 X Angel Face). She was right! It's been absolutely healthy in my cool, damp coastal climate where if a plant can rust or mildew, it WILL. This has had NO foliage issues at all, even with the occasional water stress issue. The flowers have also been nicely long lasting. This cluster is over a week old and has endured two days of high winds and at least two nights down to about 38 F.

I'd definitely call this a "good rose", at least in the Southern and Central California environs.

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