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My Fortune's Double Yellow baby rose is growing UP!

3 months ago

I posted this pic on the "Roses" forum, on a thread which was about monster roses, and then it occurred to me I should post it on here. Forune's Double Yellow loves our zone 10a climate, and a fabulous one grows in a little park where we go for bike rides 3 times a week. That way I never miss the Spring bloom. Anyway, I rooted a cutting of it a few years ago, and it is now growing on the back fence of our new garden. I thought it was about 8-10ft high, but last week our gardeners found a couple of canes of it had grown to the top of the old privet tree (20-25 ft off the ground) next to the fence (they were pruning the privet tree to let more light into the garden). So happy! We had them carefully tie the canes gently to the tree, and I am looking forward to seeing what it does next Spring. It was hard to find a place for such a large rose in our 1/3rd acre lot, and I was afraid that it would not get enough light to get really big, but it is on its way! Below are pics of it and of it parent in the park.

If anyone else on here grows this rose, I would love to see pics of yours!


This pic is one-half of the parent bush in the park:

This is the one in our garden, this last Spring before it took off up the large old privet tree:

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