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Fisher & Paykel washing machine (GWL10) with fault code 131

Steve Harris
3 months ago

I have a Fisher & Paykel Ecosmart washing machine (model GWL10US) from around 2001 that worked reliably until 2011 when it had issues starting the cycle. I had it fixed and the service order shows a fault code of 131 and a replacement of the rotor position sensor (part 420296P). From the service manual: "131. (10000011) Repetitive Rotor Position Sensor Error"

After that fix it worked great for the last 12 years, but just started having issues starting again. It's intermittent in that if I keep trying I can get it to eventually start and when it starts it gets through the entire cycle without issue. When I see the startup failing it displays the same code as before (10000011). Surprisingly, if I enter diagnostic mode right after this error there are no fault codes shown.

I reached out to the same repair person I had used before expecting that he'd just want to replace the rotor position sensor again, but after explaining everything this was his response:

"According to tech support the original fault code will remain until a new fault will replace it (even if you unplug it). So I'm thinking you don't need the sensor. And usually fault code 131 is not intermittent like yours is behaving.

The three things it could be are the controller, wiring issue or the pump

drawing too much amps & causing a power surge. In 25 years of doing Fisher Paykel

I think I've only changed 3-4 wiring harnesses. My hunch it's that, because of the intermittent issue. But it could be the controller itself & or the pump. Unfortunately it's a trial and error at this point"

Does that analysis sound correct?

That makes it sound like I could be spending a lot in repairs that might not even help, so perhaps at this point I should just get a new washer? I like the idea of keeping it running given how reliable it's been over the past 20 years, but the idea of spending $500 or more and still having a broken washing machine doesn't sound like a good idea.

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