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Flooring installed incorrectly.

Kara M
3 months ago

We had an central a/c leak into the floor in July. 3 yard diameter right in the middle of the house. insurance approved all flooring to be replaced except the back two bedrooms. We found a reputable contractor through two family friends who said he would work with insurance to replace any subfloor and get any additional items needed approved throughout the job. We had laminate, sheeting, particle board, lowest board over floor joists. there was a puddle under the house and boards soaked all the way through. at least 3 people advised me that the lowest layer would dry out and be fine (board and joist). Fungus grew but i treated it with borax. keeping an eye on that.

We chose vinyl plank flooring. The flooring crew, directed by the second in charge to the contractor, replaced the damaged particle board with plywood. This turned out to be unlevel, leaving low spots and ridges. They used adhesive in at least one spot of vinyl plank which seeped through the planks and left spots. A plank in a closet even cracked.

I had them all come back and they agreed to fix two low bouncy spots, the glue spot, and cracked board. however, I am afraid we have new problems. They appeared to struggle w the glue spot area and removed several planks, putting them back down with glue insread of the locking mechanism. i can now see tiny gaps. they used floor filler in one spot, drilling tiny holes in the planks to fill the

underneath without asking me. they also had the planks soaked in Wd 40 to slide, lock, and unlock. my directions say no petroleum.

i am at a loss at this point. i know my warranty will not be good bc of the installation errors. i am afraid to ask for further repairs because they made it worse.

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