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Help needed deciding new kitchen layout

Sum Gai
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago


We are building our new kitchen but we are on the fence about the layout. We narrowed it down to two options, each with their advantages. Any and all thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Option 1 is a walk in corner pantry. We had something similar but square and larger in our old kitchen that we liked, but as far as I can see would have to do a smaller one here with diagonal door for the fridge. I know these pantries are out of style, and in some circumstances less functional like breaking up continuous counter, but that's not an issue here. We are more about function than form. But we may shorten the island a bit from the top side for more room between it and the pantry door.

Option 2 is pantry cabinets around fridge. I think this would be fairly similar storage space but a bit less convenient as the shelves are not as wide (I think 30x24 cabinets compared to 54x12 pantry shelves) and deeper and we would have to fuss with rollouts. Less continuous space compared to open shelves, lose the little extra floor space, contents not visible all at once, obligated to organize a bit more I think. Will also block dining room door a bit by browsing at that farther pantry, and at fridge to lesser extent. This is not the only walkway though, adjacent room/hall works. Also, island will still be as deep as other layout, just a slight error in rendering, fridge can be recessed either way too. This layout gives a little more counter left of the oven, less sidestepping from sink to fridge, and as I understand it looks nicer by most standards.

Island is most important, not willing to go much shorter than this, maybe a foot if we need. Currently approx 10ft by 42in. 4ft aisles all around, not willing to go narrower there either. Tall ceilings, about 8.5ft, cabinets go all the way up. Would a regular 2 step stepstool be alright to reach the top and corners?

It absolutely is a big space but we really would like to get every bit out of it. Can't really expand more in any direction, that would need too much more work done. Maybe one more foot toward the open end/family room but that's not ideal. Prefer oven/fridge/pantries stay up there somewhere, especially as the sink is staying at that window too. Door can go anywhere on the top wall up to rightmost point it's at in second layout, it's centered dining room side in first layout.

Which layout do you guys prefer? Other factors/caveats I'm missing? Any other changes altogether? We would really like as much pantry as possible, and easy to use, but of course counter is nice, and good traffic flow too. Really trying to make the perfect kitchen lol. Working with designer currently, and we love him, just shopping for any additional perspective while we're at it.

What do you guys think? Thanks so much for your help and have a nice day.

Edit: Forgot to mention, must must have cooktop on island - gas and hanging hood. Also, bottom left corner of kitchen is a little barheight counter overlooking family room further down/left.

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