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Crafty Ideas Needed to Disguise Metal Tree Base

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I have had these inexpensive trees from Amazonia for several years now, bought as standins while I tried to find the ”real“ ones RH used to sell. Well, I never did find those, and finally need to address the ugly base of the ones I have. They are like these in the photo on the Amazement website:

I have a 6 ft and a 5ft and both have the same flat metal base. You can see someone made an attempt to wrap something around the base and tie it with a ribbon and it still looks exactly like what it is. I could get a couple of planters but they’d have to be fairly large. i also thought a burlap bag filled with styrofoam peanuts around the base would work, maybe? Or even a large gift bag? I can’t find any pictures of a solution at all, cannot nail down the correct search terms.

Any ideas, pictures or sites out there in your bookmarks or pinterest folders? These go on our screened porch and the colors out there are brown and blue but I would consider almost anything at this point.

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