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Front door in middle of complicated room. Help!!

3 months ago

I have lived in my 1920 craftsman city home for ten years and have yet to figure out an ideal furniture layout for the front room.

The 1st photo is the floor plan of the entire level including the current furniture arrangement. The 2nd is approximate measurements.

My husband proposes switching the dining room and living room. I’m opposed to that since I don’t like the idea of us tracking food through; we use our dining table every day for meals, homework, etc.

I’d like to avoid a major reconstruction, but I think this house is our home for at least another 10-15 years. The kids are only going to get bigger and I want to be able to welcome more family and friends into our home.

Help me make this work. We looked at furniture yesterday and everything doesn’t seem to fit our space or is not of a durable quality with our hard earned money.

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