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Bryant Gas Furnace 925SA48080E17 Error code 12 then 33

3 months ago

Dear all,

Thanks for helping out in advance and happy thanksgiving holidays. We have a Bryant furnace which had been working fine for the past few years and recently it gave us error code 12 (one short and two long LED lights). So we changed the air filter and cleaned the flame sensor to hope that it would solve the issue. However, now it's giving us a different error code 33 (3 short then 3 long LED lights). Any idea what might be the most probable cause for this issue? Thanks!

Also after we changed the air filter and cleaned the flame sensor, should we reset the code by pressing the reset button (if there's one)? According to this youtube video, it seems that there is a "manual reset" button on this model. Should I press it and see if that would help? Thanks!

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