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Faulty roof installation?

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I recently had my house reroofed with Certainteed Landmark Solaris shingles. I noticed that a shingle had blown off the roof and was on my lawn. This was surprising, since it wasn't extremely windy on that day, about 15mph max. Looking at the shingle, I suspect that it hadn't been nailed in correctly...

In the photo, the two nail holes at the ends of the nailing strip area are too close to the edge and the shingle is ripped at both spots. For the two nail holes in the middle, it looks like those nails just popped out. I don't think they used long enough nails. The manufacturer instructions state that the nails should go through the decking by 1/8", yet no nails are visible in the attic piercing through the decking. The original roof did have visible nails poking through the decking.

They also seem to have lined up each row of shingles too "low" in relation to the preceding row. Notice the darker, un-faded spots between the "tabs" of the shingles that had been covered by the next row because it was positioned incorrectly. The nail holes at the top near the adhesive are where the subsequent row of shingles (i.e. the shingle that overlaid this one) were nailed in. They were are too close to the top edge and some nails even missed the bottom shingle entirely. I think the nailing strip for each row of shingles should line up with the adhesive strip of the shingle below it, which clearly didn't happen. If the entire roof was done this way, I'm concerned that the strength and lifespan of the roof could be compromised from day one. The roofer only has a 5 year labor warranty.

I'm just wondering if this is a big enough deal to ask them to redo the whole roof. Someone told be to have the shingle manufacturer inspect the roof to see if it would even be covered under their warranty given the way it was installed. Two of my neighbors used the same contractor and haven't had any problems, but their roofs are also fairly new.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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