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Ponytail palm - is it diseased, too root bound or is this normal?

2 months ago

I got this ponytail palm 7 months ago from Ikea. It was never repotted. I have it sitting by a north facing window and water it every 2 to 4 weeks. Last time I watered was a week ago with a few drops of organic fertilizer from The Grow Co. And I really let it sit in the water. I realized about 1.5 months ago that it doesn't seem to have much soil in the pot. The leaves have been steadily losing color. So I thought maybe it's dehydrated. But even after a good soak, they're still looking more diseased. There was dirt all over the leaves, so I showered just the leaves today. I don't know if it wants to be repotted or is just diseased or dying. I was told they like being root bound so I've been concerned about repotting if it doesn't need it since the next pot I have is 2-3 inches wider and taller and I have a strong history of killing from root rot. But the leaves keep losing color and now I'm wondering if I should cut off the last 1/2 inch of roots and pot it back in the same pot with new soil? Or maybe leave it?

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