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Favorite online shop for potted

Reb Z6-KS
3 months ago

I'm curious what your favorite place to buy big, healthy potted roses is?

Since the number of places to buy bare root is small, it'd be great to hear about the places where the potted roses are big and healthy. I've found that many places don't specify between selling very small bands that will take years of growing on and good sized pots that can have some impact in a bed in one season.

In my experience, my best luck with potted roses has been Antique Rose Emporium and Chateau De La Rose.

I got a potted on accident from David Austin that was so small I don't even know if I'll be able to plant it out in its 3rd year next spring.

I've also gotten a band from Rogue Valley that died almost immediately.

High Country Roses is probably my 3rd favorite for size so far.

I've never ordered from Heirloom, but I've not heard great things about the size vs the cost.

Have you tried Petals From The Past, Angel Gardens, Rose Petals Nursery, etc..?

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