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Replacing sliding glass door with bay or bow windows?

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I have a 1970s duplex in Calgary, AB Canada. Both duplexes have side entrances, with a sliding glass door off the living room in the front that opens onto a small balcony. There is a larger deck in the back. Attached photo is when I purchased the house back in 2014 - they did rebuild the balcony before I moved in (yes, the previous owner had a mannequin in the window, and no, I have no idea why).

I never use the sliding door or balcony. Down the road I'm going to replace all the windows in the house (most are original and need to be upgraded). Instead of replacing the sliding door, I've considered perhaps removing the balcony entirely and putting in a bay or bow windows (the neighbours don't use their balcony, either, but I would still want to ensure privacy in case they do in the future).

Is this possible? Would it look strange? I like the idea of a window seat indoors, beneath the a bay/bow setup. And I also like the idea of the window(s) essentially jutting out a bit from the front of the house, instead of being flat. Plus, it would give the appearance of more space in the living room, and create more visual "texture" and interest on the outside of the house.

I have seen folks turn their front balcony into a porch with steps, and using the sliding door as their main entrance. But I like keeping my entrance on the side, as it's more protected. I wouldn't want to turn that into my front door.


Photo 1: Outside of the house from the original real estate listing. I don't have a current pic of the front with the balcony included, but you can infer the general appearance based on the neighbour's side. Also, the trees on my side had to be cut down as they were dead, so my front yard is completely open.

Second pic is of my living room from the inside. I've done the best I can with the inside space, but I just hate that sliding door!

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