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Remodeling a home lacking HVAC ducting

John 9a
3 months ago

The home I'm remodeling for my retirement began as a double wide mobile home. My dad had an addition added to the mobile home about 30 years ago. I will be wrecking the mobile home and putting a garage in its footprint. The addition is structurally sound but needed roofing, windows, new sheetrock, flooring, and some electrical changes. There is no HVAC unit or duct work and the ceilings are wood and I'm hoping to preserve that one feature and not build boxing or the like to house ducting. The home is smallish, around 1,500 sq. ft. and is basically a two-story cube. My concept is to build in a few (maybe four) inter-wall low-velocity fans to create a circulation of air from a vaulted ceiling main room on the north side of the house and around the south rooms and back to the vaulted ceilinged main room. The vaulted ceilinged room will probably have a wood stove so the vaulted area of that ceiling will be warmer and available to circulate to other parts of the house. I see options to either create two circular paths of air flow, one for each floor, or another option of a single, more tortuous path of flow that might include two floor/ceiling passages. I have found fans built for interwall air exchange and believe I could create a single electrical circuit to control the fans with a single switch or timer. I will probably install a mini-split AC unit, also in the vaulted main room.

Sorry for the long post but hopefully that covers my concept.

Has anyone successfully installed a ductless air circulation system in a home?

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