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Help needed identifying the wood uncovered in my 130 year old house

melanie davies
16 days ago

I recently decided to refinish the staircase and trim in my home. The wood had many years' worth of a reddish-dark stain built up. I do not know the color used. You can see the color in the trim I haven't sanded yet. I have nearly finished sanding and the wood is not what I had hoped for. It is a very yellowish-orange and has a very dark grain. The grain is all different widths and patterns. Does anyone know what type of wood this may be? What advice can you give on lightening it or toning the color to a more neutral tone? I like the look of pale white-grayish wood. The wallpaper and wall trim are being removed then painted light beige/tan. The flooring going in is Burbank Oak from Lowes. My goal is to achieve a cleaner more Scandinavian look and the stairs are not working with my vision. After all that sanding I really didn't want to paint them. I appreciate your advice and suggestions!

This last photo is the flooring that will be used.

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