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Stair Tread Damage

12 days ago

We recently pulled up our staircase carpet to find a number of soft spots / worn down tread damage, particularly on the tread noses. The house is a 1905 Victorian so the construction is fairly substantial (dovetail joints, etc) and the treads presumably can not be removed without major time and cost (and a person who can handle the job).

Any thoughts on if tread damage like this can even be repaired, with some of the higher end wood repair solutions available - like an Abatron? If yes, can it be stained or painted only? We are not interested in oak caps due to the height difference and more importantly not wanting to lose the original character of the home.

The original wood is pine. Note there is still a number of spots that still have carpet or nails, staples, etc attached, so ignore that. Really only focused on the damage to the noses. Otherwise the staircase is structurally sound.

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