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PNW Outdoor covered patio - curtains or screens?

16 days ago

We had a very large covered patio built last year to add another living area to our house as well as protect from the rainy weather here in Oregon and the giant tree in our neighbor's yard that drops leaves/debris year round. The original plan was to install electric Phantom screens to protect from wind/rain/snow however I guess our architect didn't have any experience with them because the way the structure was built we can't use them now (they need a track on either side of the shade but on one side of our structure, there is no place to install a track).

Any suggestions based on your experience whether we should go with curtains or roller shades? We really need to put something up that can be used when we want and tucked away when we don't. Curtains feel like they would be too flowy but maybe not? Aesthetically, the Phantom screen is the clean, more-modern look I want, but that's off the table so........???

Also, if you have first hand experience with specific products that would be helpful as well! I've researched this to death but since I have no direct experience with any product, I'm at a standstill. Thanks!

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