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My Lavender Daylilies

3 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I had trouble posting, so will try here.

Spiritual Corridor did nothing this year. The Coco's Curiosity and Untamed Heart seedlings look interesting. As much bud count as the parents? Magic Amethyst tended to be splotchy in the spot I had it, right next to Born to Reign, which was exasperatingly splotchy. However, when I move things to the estate garden, which has more sun and a higher elevation (even though just a few blocks away), there is much less splotchiness with many cultivars.

Jewel of the Oasis is a sparkling color. Carolina Cool Down was a shadow of last year's performance, but still good. It's a big plant, but I trim leaves in consideration of neighbors.

Viagra Falls had a good year. Because of, or in spite of, the winter/spring? A good question for any of those that had a good year. Like many lavenders, it does not like hot mid-day sun and loses the impact of the bluish eye in more sun.

Emmerich's Character Witness turned out to be an interesting color.

Davisson's Love Song was quite good in spite of....

Hanson's Sea World was pleasing.

An older Moldovan, Pewter Lake, shone again as a neighboring bush was affected by the winter.

Pray Without Ceasing looked good in this photo, but as a young plant, it had some splotches. Not a good year to judge splotches, as many were more prone.

Marian Cavanaugh attracts attention in the garden, but does not have the ideal plant habit that Curt strives for.

Echo Beach performed well. A good grower and a favorite.

Not a good year for Alan Watts

I will allow myself a glamour shot of Sword of Justice. It had a decent year. Seldom splotchy. I got this when Debra pictured time after time, but haven't seen her show it recently.

Emmerich's Kingdom Bound is superb, though subpar in a bad year.

Rice's Abraham Lincoln had a terrible year, but I got a good shot of the coloring, which can be difficult to capture. (Generally, lavenders are not popular.)

Ring the Bells of Heaven can be lovely. The first two years, it had many splotchy blooms; then for some reason, spots were much diminished.

Captain Freckles (Davisson).

Hanson's Logically Implied. Not as many buds in this off year.

Munson's Silver Ice.

Edge of Irrelevance looks promising.

Royal Girls --doesn't like hot sun (like many purples). Have to capture early to get the unique lavender color.

Lavender Blue Planet

Ideological Worldview had an off year.

Hanson's Storm Surge. Form varies; large flower. Performance?

Christopher Hitchens had a bad year, with shorter scapes and lower bud count. Sound familiar?

Korth's Blue Healer