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How to Care for LVP Matte finish flooring? It NEVER looks good.

Brad Woodbury
15 days ago

Unless I mop it, hand dry it with towels and a shop vac, then DARE anyone to walk on it... it NEVER EVER Looks Clean. (Please read. I will be in the corner staring at my clean, dirty floor, defeated!!)

I have never been so disappointed in a purchase in my life. My wife and I have one child in diapers just starting to walk. We also have a 20-pound Shitzu rescue. We recently relocated back to South Carolina to my family's farm. We moved into my Grandmothers's former home. This house carries wonderful memories for me, and I am excited to raise my son here. It is a 23-year-old house with carpet throughout. My family is in the business of building and reselling homes. Naturally, we spoke with our contractor, and he sent us to the "Floor guy."

The flooring guy said, let's give you the top-of-the-line, best flooring I have. Since we purchased this wholesale, we said, GREAT!! (At wholesale, it was still expensive and our largest purchase during the remodel.) We got a 20mil product, guaranteed waterproof, with a lifetime warranty. It is "SHAW Floors, Floorte' Pro Series Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring in Grey Spruce. We fell in love with the sample. But No one told us about the issues people are facing with this type of flooring. I truly dot know why its on the market.

MY MISTAKE was choosing the matte finish. Two thousand four hundred square feet later (in every room but the two guest rooms), this floor is my arch nemesis. If I were Batman, this floor would be the Joker, the penguin dude, that cat lady, and Dracula all combined. (Yes, Dracula is a different villain gang but this floor must be related because it drained our budget after we were glamoured into thinking it was going to be the best thing in our new home. LIES!! Like Dracula does his victims, we are now left looking drab and lifeless.)

Every footprint immediately shows. When I mop some areas appear to get wet, and others look as if it has a coating. Regardless, after I dry it, I can still track every footprint. It's a beautiful product that needs some other type of topcoat.

My wife has been unable to tackle these floors since the baby, due to some major issues during her pregnancy. No problem, I clean our floors, HOWEVER, it Has not looked clean since day one. October made one year with these floors and I cannot wait to replace them. Needless to say, we use a new "floor guy." I'm sorry, but LVP matte finish is horrible. Nothing Luxurious about it and I have yet to read about a solution.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have a robot, a Bissell cross wave, all the swiffers, the Cedar Brand two-bucket system mop, and a dedicated prayer group dedicated to these floors. I have every product known to man and I am now going through the Bona products. I've been told over and over again to avoid any kind of wax or shine product but I'm about to get my car buffer and some Turtle Wax.

Other than these floors, my life is an ongoing Blessing! I hope that yours is as well and I appreciate any advice thoughts or suggestions!

I have to go, my wife just walked to the pantry. I need to reclean the floors.



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