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A Longwood Christmas 2023

15 days ago

****Spoiler Alert*****

Here are some pictures from Longwood's Christmas this year. The theme is "A Very Retro Christmas" and inspiration came from decor from the 40's, 50's and 60's with Longwood's own incredible touch added. Lots of tinsel, brightly colored ornaments and even paper chains. And of course exceptional plants.

These pictures were all taken inside the Conservatory (with one outside exception.) I will try to get some more of the outdoor shots soon.

This is Exhibition Floor inside the Conservatory. It was re-imagined to feel like Main Street USA in a small town in the mid-century. It is breathtaking. Here it is at night:

And earlier in the day:

A grove of trees in the Ballroom. Some of these trees have been decorated with ornaments made by local organizations that focus on children. (Yup, that's tinsel.)

A "Living Tree". Gorgeous Pointsettias

This tree turns slowly in a full circle.

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