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Thoughts on exterior paint color?

19 days ago
last modified: 19 days ago

I'm interested in what you see as the "right" color, or color family, for this exterior? The roof is on now, and it looks different depending on the direction of the light, and it's throwing me off. I'm including a few photos so you can see the difference. It's technically charcoal gray, but in some lights it has a brownish tint, in others it's silver and in others it's nearly black. The other factor is the exterior stone which will be on one wing and along the foundation all around. See pic of that, too. It's a modern house with lots of big (black-framed) windows. And finally, there's the setting, which is in a meadow on a mountain, with gravel driveway.

These are all the same color roof. In the photo that shows both wings, the wing on the left will be stone, the one on the right will be painted. The garage, which is attached on the back of the wing on the left, will also be painted.

Here's the stone:

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