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Transporting House Plants Cross-Country In A Cold Car

3 months ago


I have kind of a sad problem. I have a few larger tropical and desert plants that have some sentimental value. I am moving cross-country on Thursday, from upstate New York to Arizona, and I would like to take them with me.

Unfortunately, the forecast lows locally will be around 30F, with highs of 45, making transportation risky, but I don't really think I have a lot of other options ATM. Flying with them is not practical, and shipping is cost-prohibitive given the size. I am sending my car on a car carrier, and am considering loading them into the back, which would mean I need to solve for cold shock. Transit time would be four days.

They are currently potted. I am considering a solution where I would fit them into a 70-gallon tote with some number of 72-hour heatpacks to make a sort of mini-greenhouse, but I am honestly not sure if this would either solve the temperature issue *or* introduce a new deadly issue with lack of fresh air.

Has anyone been in this position and succeeded? How did you do it?

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