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tile install - outlet crooked and other issues

Ann Crisp
18 days ago

Just had Cloe white tile installed, but our contractor did not plan well and when he went to put the light sockets back and realized the boxes were broken and I guess the past owner messed them up somehow now it’s a bit too late to replace them… He was befuddled on what to do and left with them in disrepair saying he’d come back with an electrician…. not our problem, he should have noticed when he took the boxes off!

We hired our handyman who is an expert electrician to come and fix them, and while he did his best to get the outlets flush with the of the boxes is crooked…. It makes me really sad because we spent eight grand getting a new counters, hidden hinges, tile, backsplash, and a few other things updated and now we have a janky electrical socket!

In addition the Cloe jolly tile installed by the window looks pretty bad and was not joining up evenly and has already chipped…Plus there are bubbles in the grout installed along the seam were the countertop meets the tile!

How big a deal are these things to fix? Need to be prepared when I ask contractor to fix them! He still hasn’t come back to fix the wall texturizing in the areas where we adjusted the backsplash to match up with the cabinet!

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