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Do I need to replace countertops to brighten the look of the kitchen?

Deb Strong
3 months ago

Our kitchen remodel from 20+ years ago is starting to look dated. I would like to brighten/update the look and am wondering how best to do that without breaking the bank. Here are my thoughts in order of time/money commitment:

  1. I already know that I want to paint the walls (current color is SW Sea Salt) and was thinking about a linen or white color.
  2. Would replacing the dark granite backsplash above the sink with something lighter give the room a different look?
  3. Could I either replace the island countertop, leaving the others the same, or leave the island as is and replace the perimeter countertops? Color/material recommendations?
  4. Should I replace all the countertops? Color/material recommendations?

Also: If I replaced the island countertop, I was considering doing away with the table height area with the 4 chairs, and would appreciate any feedback on that.
As far as painting the cabinets goes, I really like my cherry cabinets as they are and would rather not paint them.

Thanks for any thoughts/advice.

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