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Who makes candles?

Julienne Corr
10 days ago

Next month I am having my 23rd Annual Christmas Craft Night with my girlfriends. Every year we do one big craft and then an ornament. After seeing some really cute candles made from the tall Dollar Tree candles, I decided that was our craft this year. However, we are using shaved soy wax and not the DT candles. I have many, many pounds of wax, hundreds of wicks ( they come with the wax). I have some regular scents and holiday scents. I also have a few dyes. I've told everyone to find a container that is not plastic and to let me know the ounces it holds to know how much wax I need.

If you have made candles, do you have any hints or suggestions? I've watched many videos on Youtube to learn about candle making.

For our ornament we are using small wood slices and making a snowman. I had two bags of the wood slices and knew I needed to use them up.

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