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Monster’s wanted

3 months ago

I am making a list of ramblers suitable to climb large trees. I need them to be disease resistant specially to blackspot if possible. Once bloomers are expected as rebloomers like Mel’s heritage are probably pretty rare. I want them to be large and vigorous, no divas allowed. I will work hard to water them on their first couple of years but after that they need to thrive on their own as much as possible. We get around 50 inches of water a year here so I am hopping that should be enough for most ramblers except during very dry spells.

Currently in my possession:

Mel’s heritage

Peggy Martin

Super Dorothy

Súper excelsa


Guirlande d’Amour

After searching old threads I found I want to try:

Alberic Barbie’s

Francois juranville


Paul’s Himalayan

To grow on places like this one

thank you!

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