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I'm designing a compact kitchen and seeking advice

20 days ago

Hi. I'm designing a compact kitchen and having trouble trying to place the cabinets. I hope someone here can give me some advice.

The floor plan is attached, and I created the design in the tool below

IKEA Design Tool

I realize these cabinets placements will probably not work because many are on walls without anything below them.

Please note that the wall where the base cabinets are attached is a "pony wall" (90" from the opposite wall with the range). Above the "pony wall" is a furdown wall which I plan to remove (provided that I can find a place for the cabinets). The furr down currently separates the kitchen from the dining room, and I want to open that up.

I also am considering extending the countertop 15" into the dining room and place 30" tall wall cabinets under the countertop for more storage.

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