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Treasure Trail - Paul Barden, 2002

Rideau Rose Lad
11 days ago

I have been sorting through images over the past few days and came across this image of Treasure Trail. This rose was blooming profusely in a pot on my back deck until two weeks ago and is one that will stop you in your tracks to admire. Quite a feat for a smallish rose.

I brought this plant back from Ontario when I moved back to British Columbia 8 years ago. It is one of my favorites. I very nearly lost it to the winter last year. It was in a poor location and the winter was hard on many of my roses. I managed to propagate two new plants which are being grown on and overwintered for me by Jason at Fraser Valley Rose Farm. My mother plant is now in an unheated shed for the winter. I hope to plant the newly rooted plants in the public garden collection at Summerland Gardens next summer; in order to secure the variety for display and propagation, and then to propagate more plants to share with, and through Jason next year. This is a rose that deserves to be much more widely known and grown.

The colours and the bloom form are striking. Add to that the mossing on the buds, the prominent showy thorns and the glossy green foliage, and it is indeed a real "treasure" of a rose. A Barden Masterpiece IMHO.

Cheers, Rick

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