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Realistic Undermount Sink Options

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hi all,

I'm picking out an undermount sink for my kitchen remodel. I've read a lot of articles, reviews, and discussions about the various options for materials and brands. It seems like the safest option long-term is stainless steel if I'm being realistic, but I want to make sure that's truly the case as I'd really prefer a white sink.

Kitchen Usage: I cook 1-2 a week since I meal prep, and sometimes that involves pouring boiling water down the sink. I make espresso daily using a moka pot and clean that out in my sink. From time to time, I also use spices and ingredients like tumeric, berries, etc, so there's a lot of risk of staining. I am a big clean-as-I-go person, but I'm not always great about that, so stuff might sit in the sink till for a few hours. I also water some of my plants in there once a week, so it needs to be able to handle dirt + the deep cleaning that I do afterwards.

Kitchen Layout: I have a 34" cabinet opening where the sink will be placed. 2cm quartz countertops with a plywood subtop will be installed. Not too sure how much sink weight this allows for vs a 3cm countertop, and how drastically that affects installation for undermount (if it does at all). I also have a garbage disposer.

Looking at everything, I feel like this rules out composite sinks because of my kitchen usage (cracking from hot water and staining were common complaints I saw), and potentially cast iron enamel sinks because of the usage AND layout (staining, chipping, much heavier than other options). Fireclay is also probably out (I've read that a garbage disposer increases the risk of cracking).

Am I being way over-concerned here?

Thanks in advance.

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