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PSA if you're on FB

11 days ago

This was a first for me. Years ago when it happened to DH he fell for it hook line and sinker, and he sunk. :) This happened on our individual PCs years apart.

A few days ago I was reading FB, and the top right side has the Message icon and shows if I have any new messages. Then I noticed about an inch away there was another Message icon, same as FB's, with 1 new message. I thought it was a new feature of some sort so I clicked it.

All of a sudden I got THE black screen which means new computer. But the a blue Windows screen came on with the sound of sirens blasting and a robotic lady started telling me that my computer now has a Trojan. At the top of the page it's in writing. I almost had a heart attack when it happened.

The instructions said do not turn your computer off and call the Microsoft Support number which was listed in large print. My heart was still trying to escape my body. There wasn't anywhere on the page where I could click it off. I thought about ctrl alt delete but I didn't want to risk anything so I called the number.

It was from Homestead, Florida and a man with an accent picked up the phone, there was a pause, then he said hello. I was immediately suspicous because that's not how MS answers their phones. I had to tell him about 5 times what was happening, I even turned the volume back up and put the phone to it so he could hear the lady talking. I knew something was off but that's how a trojan can work. He asked what type of device I'm using, and when he told me he can help me restore everything I was happy.

He told me to find the search box at the bottom of the page which I didn't notice before, and told me to click on it. I did and the only options it gave me was apps, websites, personal things like that. I told him I had no clue what to choose and he told me he'll tell me what to type in the box.

I asked what would happen if I did it and the dumb a$$ said it will link his computer to mine. Idiot. Anyway I laughed and told me he was spamming me and he said he wasn't and it's the only way he can help me, "don't you want me to help you?" I said NO and hung up.

I pressed ctrl alt delete and voila, my computer was just fine. I called his number which was on caller id and when he slowly answered, I told him what I did then hung up.

A few hours later a lady with an accent from the same number called to see if I still needed help. I almost told her to go to you know wher but I was polite and said she'd been caught red handed. Then hung up.

That felt really good. lol

Do not click on an extra Message box on FB. Not sure if it would be on other devices but it's on pc's.

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