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Need help picking a kitchen sink to fit with existing plumbing

Greg Bowman
3 months ago

We are remodeling our kitchen. Just doing new countertops, sink, cooktop, faucet and backsplash. We have decided to go from a two bowl to a single bowl undermount workstation sink. Initially we were going to get a Kraus that has the drain on the far right back side. However, I'm very concerned it won't fit with our drain. As the photo shows (excuse the clutter), there are two drains, one on each side for the two bowl sink. Looks like those both go into a 4 inch line behind the wall. I'm afraid if we go with the single drain in the corner, there will not be room for the disposal and still be able to connect it to a trap. So, I'm thinking I should go with the center drain, which will put the disposal in the middle back of the cabinet and I think will give ample room for the plumbing. As far as center drain sinks workstation sinks, I keep seeing Ravati. Is that a good brand? Should I look at something else. The cabinet is 36" Thanks.

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