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Looking for a paludarium plant

3 months ago

Hello! I have a paludarium (an aquarium with a land area above) that is meant to simulate a hill stream in the Himalayan foothills. I have had a couple of tea (C. sinensis) seedlings, but they are just surviving, and I don't know how long they will last, so I'm looking for a replacement.

The planter is about 3" wide, 7" long, 2" deep, lined with stainless steel mesh on the bottom so roots can grow directly out into the acuarium water a few inches below. Substrate is sand. A trickle of water flows in at the top, drains through the sand, and into the aquarium. Environment is fairly humid, and misted several times a day.

Looking for a plant that can be kept very small (less than 6" tall), that is OK with wet feet. If it looks similar to Camellia, that's a bonus. Any recommendations?

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