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Dammit Libby! (Ebook)

3 months ago

So, I just finished watching Survivor (whoa!) and was going to go through my evening ”close up the house and get ready for bed” routine and then snuggle up in bed and read the last 50:pages of Demon Copperhead ( no spoilers please) when I get a notice from Libby that my ebook has been automatically returned to the library. Darn!

At least when I get a print copy from the library, I can choose to keep it and pay the fine ( or renew)., I put my name back on the ”holds” list but it could be two weeks until I get it. Even the audiobook has a two week wait., even longer for a print copy.

I enjoy ebooks because I can read them on any of my devices, anytime, anywhere. Today I was reading at the doctors office.

Oh well, heading over to the What Are You Reading thread to find something else to read until I can finish Demon Copperhead, which was very good.

Dont you agree that ebooks should be renewable like regular books? Just venting.

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