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Picea Abies wind burn.

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago



I thought this tree was supposed to be z2 hardy in its native range.

Planted middle of May 2023.

Today I went outside because it was so nice (50's) after that wintery blast, we had a couple weeks ago.

We have not yet had frozen ground and I had watered late last month, and soil moisture levels were what I felt were still satisfactory with the snow and rain we've had lately.

We did have strong NE winds, then NW winds, and of course SSE winds all during those few days.

There's what I'm considering as wind burn mainly on the NNE side lower portions of the tree.

Can this be true? It was perfectly fine when I looked at it after the snow event.

The coldest it got during that time was low 20'sdf.

Any ideas if something must be done?

ETA: This is the only conifer to do this and some of mine are later plantings than this one.

P. Mugo and J.h. blue rug and the P. cembra look fine.

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