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Where do you store your knives?

21 days ago

In an effort to clear some counter space, I am rethinking some of the stuff that’s been sitting on the counter forever. Beloved contractor will be here coordinating install of a gas FP and while here, he is going to install a small shelf over the stove like this, for some spices etc that we use frequently. That will eliminate a tray that holds that stuff on the counter now.

I also have the typical knife block sitting on the counter. Just like this one:

We use maybe 3-4 of the knives, and we almost never use steak knives. I could use one that is maybe half this size. I do not have enough drawer space to have a ”knife drawer” and I don’t have enough wall space to hang a knife holder on the wall. Do you have a smaller-scale countertop knife holder/storage that you like?

This seems fine but of course I need to overthink it and make sure I’m not missing out on some fantastic and lovely options.

This looks really cool but includes the knives (which also look cool) and I don’t really need all new knives. Anyone familiar with these knives, though? (Global)

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